Resort Manager

България, Област София, София
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Resort Manager
България, Област София, София,
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Have you thought of working abroad just for the winter time at one of the best resorts in France?

Done! We have the best offers for you!

Your daily activities:
•    Overseeing and managing all operational, quality and guest related aspects of the resort whilst ensuring all service and sales targets are achieved  

•    Attending pre-season management training course and actively participate in delivering training sessions if required

•    Setting up the resort office and company equipment escalating any potential issues/problems and confirming the system for ordering all stationery and printing process 

•    Creating staff schedule for your team to help maintain focus, good time management and maximise resort familiarisation whilst ensuring all duties are shared out fairly amongst your team

•    Ensuring all the necessary start of season paperwork for all accommodations are completed and submitted to include brochure accuracy, building works report, inventories etc.

•    Devising a profitable and varied après-ski/excursion plan ensuring all  necessary health and safety risk assessments/audits are completed as required 

•    Ensuring staff registrations are submitted to the local authorities within the prescribed time limit after their arrival in resort

•    Producing Health & Safety, Fire and Hygiene reports for all properties and liaise with the company Health & Safety Manager with reference to partner hotel and apartment audits

•    Meeting local suppliers for catering, laundry, lift pass, ski school and equipment hire and confirming the arrangements for orders, deliveries and purchasing with other departments in the resort. Also arrange meetings with all partner hotel owners/managers, chalet owners/agencies/managers.

•    Maintaining high standards of company information books, boards and Welcome Packs ensuring information remains current throughout the season

•    Conducting staff job performance appraisal meetings with each member of you team during the season to ensure their objectives are set and support them to aid their personal development and progression

•    Maintaining responsibility for HR issues and any staff disciplinaries ensuring that company policies and procedures are followed at all times and hold relevant disciplinary meetings where appropriate; liaising at all time with your Area Manager to ensure company policies are being upheld at all times in compliance with UK employment law and any applicable local laws and customs 

•    Ensuring resort personnel files are completed in a timely fashion and treated as private & confidential

•    Ensuring all staff records, including bank details and staff paperwork, are correct and submitted in a timely fashion to the UK Overseas HR Advisor/Payroll Officer as appropriate

•    Ensuring that all staff have the correct uniform and discuss with Area Manager if required 

•    Ensuring all staff welfare responsibilities are met and exceeded

•    Leading weekly staff meetings to ensure everyone is fully briefed on the following week’s arrivals and any other important information

•    Holding transfer and logistics meetings to ensure a full understanding of all arrangements needed for the smooth running of transfer days and ensuring all transfer planning and logistics are in place which may also include additional training for transfer reps or childcare staff who assist on transfer days 

•    Monitoring the sales of lift passes, events, tuition, ski pack upgrades & excursions etc. and report sales targets to Reps Manager and put incentives in place if required 

•    Ensure the resort vehicle logbook is maintained for all resort vehicles and deal with any vehicle maintenance issues promptly and effectively

•    Completing weekly written reports, accounts

•    Assisting with the cleaning and closing down of the company properties, both interior & exterior including staff accommodation at end of season. Ensure all company property is packed, stored, labelled and inventoried correctly

•    Assisting with any other duties as requested by your Area Manager

What type of person are we looking for:

•    Previous staff management experience (essential)

•    Experience of customer service and sales (essential)

•    Language speaker of French, German or Italian (advantageous)

•    Team builder with a keen interest in staff development

•    Enthusiastic, lively, sociable, friendly and a team player who possesses excellent communication, time management and problem solving capabilities

•    Flexible and adaptable approach to roles, responsibilities and working hours

•    Competency across all IT platforms including cloud based applications 

•    Previous seasonal experience (desirable)

•    Full clean driving licence (desirable)


• must be EU resident

• be fully vaccinated

• speak English and be over 18


• Salary: the starting salary is €1500 a month. In addition accommodation and food is included

• A travel allowance is available to get to destination

• Training will be in resort

• Locations – Europe wide, but mainly in France, Italy and Austria

Length of contract 2-4 months

If you find yourself suitable for our opportunity, apply by sending a recent CV in English here, contact us at or give a call to us at: +359 886 893 120.

All applications will be treated with strict confidentiality.


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    България, Област София, София
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